ShowKids Invitational Theatre (SKIT) is a non-profit repertory community theater group. Its objective in both show selection as well as casting is to provide productions featuring its young performers in the principal roles, surrounded by an experienced artistic and technical team to produce some of the best theater possible. Founded in 1986 to offer the children of Hunterdon County and its surrounding area an opportunity to experience the joys of theater and give the community professional quality theater productions, it has since blossomed into an organization that also provides families the opportunity to share quality time while providing an unending amount of wonderful memories. SKIT's young performers, ranging in age from 5 to 18, join SKIT based on a desire to perform in the theater and a willingness to give the dedication and self-discipline it requires.

Excellence in theater is SKIT's primary goal. Carolyn Newman, the founder and director of the group, feels that her main role is to coordinate and oversee the various areas of theater which go into both the training of the young actors and the actual performance. This includes the attention to detail and the encouragement to all the actors to perform a show with the precision it demands and the energy it deserves. Amateur and professional dancers, singers, choreographers, set designers, stage managers, teachers and actors come into the group at various points in time to work with the group.

Our hope is that SKIT will continue to thrive and becomes established in New Jersey as a professional quality children/family theater group. We believe children profit from participating in a major SKIT production, performed to a high standard. The experience enriches their lives and stimulates their minds. They and their families will remember it always.

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