Patron Accommodations

SKIT will do everything in its power to provide accommodations for its patrons. Here are some of the provided accommodations:

  • Voorhees High School, The Church of the Holy Spirit and Clinton Township Middle School are wheelchair accessible.

  • Large Print Programs are available at the box office on the day of the event

  • A limited number of Assistive Listening Devices may be available.

    • To assure availability please send your request when purchasing tickets or as early as possible

    • Send your request to or call 908-892-2795

    • Devices that have been reserved will be available at the sound board on the day of the event

    • It is suggested to bring your own ear buds, if possible

    • Devices must be returned to the sound board at the conclusion of the event

  • For those for whom Listening Devices are inadequate and a loaned script could help, please contact us in advance at

  • For any other special accommodations needed please call our ticket office on 908-638-5959 so we may arrange appropriate assistance