It is the policy of ShowKids Invitational Theatre to welcome performers, staff, board members, volunteers as well as audience members of all abilities to take part in and/or enjoy its programs. This plan, approved by its Board, is effective July 1, 2023, the start of SKIT’s fiscal year and is reviewed and updated as appropriate at the start of each fiscal year. The Plan is published on the SKIT website.


1. SKIT will reasonably accommodate individuals with disabilities to participate in and/or enjoy its programs. SKIT provides many existing accommodations but also welcomes special arrangement requests and pledges to make its best efforts to accommodate such special needs.

2. SKIT will not discriminate based on any disability against any individuals with disabilities who wish to participate and/or enjoy its programs.


1. SKIT will select rehearsal and performance venues that have similar policies to SKIT’s and will work with such venues to make its best efforts to secure cooperation in securing special accommodations in such venues.

2. SKIT will educate its staff and volunteers on best practices for welcoming and providing hospitality and assistance to individuals with disabilities, including, but not limited to those in wheelchairs, using canes, walkers or other mobility limitations.

3. Upon request within 10 days’ notice of a performance, SKIT will make large print material and/or Assistive Listening Devices available to each requestor. Assistive Listening Devices may be limited by SKIT’s inventory of available devices and will be provided in the order that the requests are received.

4. SKIT will make its best effort to provide any special accommodation needed by its performers to assure that they can successfully participate in SKIT’s activities.


SKIT performs existing plays and/or musicals under contract to licensing contracts with various vendors. Not all roles in such products are available to those with certain disabilities. Examples may include dance and/or vocal requirements to produce the show consistent with the contractual commitments with the licensing vendor. SKIT will make reasonable efforts to place individuals into roles where such limitations do not exist.



Adopted: July 1, 2023